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School Age Children

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School Age Children

School age children can enroll onto our Beginners, Intermediate or Advance Level swimming lessons. At the majority of these lessons, the teacher is in the water for best teaching practice and support. 

At Beginners Level, an assistant may help in the water. At more Advance Level, the teacher may instruct and supervise the group lesson from poolside.

Nervous swimmers are introduced to move around the pool with buoyancy aids in a group. Your teacher will help your child to develop confidence and submerge the face in the water from the first lesson.

We use Swim England programme to teach Front Crawl, Breaststroke and Back Crawl, alternating every week. Dolphin kick towards learning Butterfly will be introduced as soon as your child is able to practice it and always after a good warm up.

At more Advance level, we can teach rescue exercises, treading water at deep end, Rookie Lifeguard, diving, somersaults and stroke analysis.

We aim to Award your children at least 3 times a year. Your teacher will assess your child by the end of every term, After achieving the criteria, we will Award your child with Stages from 1 to 7 from Swim England. You can purchase individual Certificates and the Badge for £4 each set.

Every Swim Sharks Academy teacher is highly qualified in teaching swimming, SE Level 2, with a Lifeguard Qualification, First Aid, Certified in Safeguarding Children and current DBS checked.

We simply know and love our job and programme. We are proud of being one of the best swim schools you will find in your area.

Swimming is one of the best rewarding sports and activities in life. No doubt it will help your child to learn many other positive skills, building a strong foundation in their confidence and goals for the future.

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