Willow Lodge – Private Swimming Pool


Halifax Road, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 7EY

Baby and Preschool Lessons on Wednesday

from 9-11:30am

Swimming lessons at this pool are a pleasure to enjoy with your little ones.

Facilities include a reception and spectator areas, 5 changing cubicles and 5 baby changing stations. There is 1 shower and 1 toilet. Free parking on site at the back garden.

Pool water is warm at 30°C-31°C

Pool dimensions 10 x 5 metres

Due to the Covid-19 new guidelines, the shower is not available at the moment; please bring your towel to get dry and shower at home.
Please also bring your own baby changing mat and nappy sacs to take all used nappies back home with you.

We thank you for your co -operation in the current circumstances.


Every Baby Sharks teacher is highly qualified in teaching swimming, SE Level 2, with a STA Baby and Preschool qualification, a Lifeguard Qualification, Pediatric First Aid, Certified in Safeguarding Children and current DBS checked.

We simply know and love our job and programme, We are proud to be one of the best swim schools in your area.

“Swimming is one of the best rewarding sports and activities in life. No doubt it will help your baby to learn many other positive skills, building a strong foundation in their cognitive and learning processes”.

“My baby William has overcome his fear of water thanks to your tons of patience and now he loves his swimming lessons. I could not have asked for more”

Shane, dad of William (9 months old)

“Thank you for being a fabulous swimming teacher so Seb. Your passion, enthusiasm and caring nature always shines through”

Louise, mum of Seb (2 years old)

“Thank you so much for teaching and supporting us mummies and babies to swim. You have a calming effect on the babies and your lessons are great! We will recommend Baby Sharks to everyone!”

Charlotte, Becky and Eliza (Baby Girls Group)

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